Mechanism Conference

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Thursday, September 26, 2024, 8am

The Mechanism Conference 2024 will take place on September 26 and 27, 2024 at the Technical University of Munich.

Developing innovative drive solutions for resource- and energy-efficient products in ever shorter timeframes is an essential prerequisite for Industry 4.0. Only through a steadily growing integrative and interdisciplinary linking of all disciplines in a mechatronic development process can forward-looking drive systems be created in a modular, computer-aided simulation and development environment. This raises the question of where the nonlinear transmission and guide gears, which have proven themselves in many respects, in the form of coupling, cam, belt or wheel mechanisms can also be found in this process in interaction with robotics. This is particularly true in view of the fact that they still play a decisive role in determining the performance parameters, efficiency and costs in many machines used in plant engineering, packaging, textile or printing technology, as well as in handling and assembly technology, including robotics. Manufactured using rapid prototyping methods, fast, individualized and cost-effective motion systems and robots of the next generation can thus be realized.


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