Sustainability Mission Statement of RWTH Aachen University

Supervision of a street with trees Copyright: © IGMR

In its Sustainability Mission Statement, RWTH Aachen University intends to provide answers to the following questions, showing it is committed to sustainable action on behalf of the entire campus community.

IGMR also Pursues the Aspects of Sustainability and Energy Conservation in its Research Fields and
Cross-Cutting Topics.


Energy-Efficient Motion Systems Using the Eigenmotion

CAD model of the test bench movement device Copyright: © IGMR

Motion Systems are found in a wide Variety of Machines. One example is Processing and Production Machines. To increase the Energy Efficiency of Motion Systems, the inherent Motion can be utilized by using a Servo Motor and Mechanism. Here, the Servo Motor is used to generate a constant Energy Level by varying the drive Speed.

Compared to classical motion devices, the use of self-motion does not use a constant input speed.

In order to increase the utilization possibilities in practice and the associated effective energy reduction, some research approaches have already been carried out at IGMR. Examples include the dissertation of Ferdinand Schwarzfischer and the ECODWELL Project.


Approach for energy-efficient trajectory planning and dimensional configuration for the five-bar robot RePlaLink

Photo of Replalink test bench with cabinet model Copyright: © IGMR

In order to increase sustainability in production plants, the development of automation systems is focused on energy and resource efficiency. In the field of robotics, path planning for robotic systems, taking into account reconfigurable kinematic dimensions, is a possible approach to increasing the ratio between performance and energy input.

One example of research on sustainability in robotics is the RePlaLink developed at IGMR.

A publication on the research is available on the university library servers.


Industrial energy efficiency potentials: an assessment of three different robot concepts

Illustration of Parallel Manipulator Copyright: © IGMR

To reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiency, robot concepts with a low payload-to-weight ratio must be considered when using robots, in addition to classic concepts for pick-and-place movements and assembly tasks. In addition to classical concepts, parallel kinematic robots or hybrid manipulators were also investigated with regard to their energy efficiency.

One article identifies energy saving potentials for industrial consumers by evaluating three different robot concepts.


Compliant Mechanism

Micro Manipulator Test Bench Copyright: © IGMR

Compliant mechanisms can make a contribution to reducing the energy requirements of motion equipment. IGMR also conducts research in this area to perpetuate sustainability.

As part of the research on compliant mechanisms, a micromanipulator test bed has been created. A video of the test rig is available on Youtube.