Technical Center and Laboratories

  Two mobile and one stationary robot in lab Copyright: © IGMR


Photo of Sascha Lersch © Copyright: IGMR


Sascha Lersch

Team Leader Engineering and Administration


+49 241 80 95558



Our large test benches and prototypes are located in our technical center in Eilfschornsteinstraße. Here we test new methods, test the developed mechanisms as well as robots and carry out measurements for the subsequent analyses. A wide variety of experimental and test facilities can be set up here. Such test rigs can be used to carry out vibration tests or investigations into the continuous operating behavior of mechanisms for example on behalf of industrial partners. In addition, a large number of metrological facilities are operated at IGMR for research purposes and for teaching purposes in the laboratories.


For the production and assembly of test and experimental equipment, of functional samples, of gear prototypes and of gear models, conventional machine tools for almost all metal-cutting production processes are available in our mechanical production area . Our employees in this area are used both for the manufacture and assembly of the test equipment and for carrying out the tests.


Technical Center and Laboratories