Prototype Mechanical Workshop

  Milling Machine at Mechanical Workshop Copyright: © IGMR

For many years, IGMR has operated its own mechanical workshop for the production of prototypes in the field of research and development projects as well as teaching.
The strengths of the team include the many years of experience of the qualified employees in the field of prototype production and assembly of components as well as the subsequent final installation and commissioning of the test equipment and test benches.


Services of Mechanical Workshop

In addition, at IGMR there is constant communication within the team between development, design and production as well as the integration of electrical, measurement and control components. In the production of robotic systems, handling devices and motion equipment, high-precision manufacturing, iterative working methods and interdisciplinary communication are of great importance. The components must be precisely coordinated with each other and are subject to constant monitoring of the productive process chain. In addition to conventional machining processes, the additive manufacturing is used in our workshop to create an initial functional sample quickly and cost-effectively, depending on the application and feasibility. The use of CAD systems in the field of manufacturing is a matter of course.

Manufacturing process:

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Sawing
  • Sandblasting
  • Welding: electrode
  • 3D printing

Additive Manufacturing Processes: 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing Processes enable the cost-efficient Production of Components. Due to the high customizability of the Components, 3D printing offers excellent opportunities in Prototyping. This includes the Production of Test Series as well as the Prototypical Development of Components.

The Mechanical Workshop offer the use of 3D printers to all IGMR employees and students as part of their Research and Industrial Projects as well as in Teaching assignments.

The Design and Development of the Components is supported by the Design Office.


Prototype Mechanical Workshop


Test Bench for Fatigue Testing of Fleure Hinges

An example of the diverse manufacturing capabilities of the mechanical workshop in combination with the metrological expertise of the IGMR is the development, construction and application of a test rig to determine the tolerable load cycles of filigree, high-precision material-fit joints.

Within the framework of the DFG project "Fundamental investigation of material-fitted
joints with use in high-precision parallel kinematic micromanipulators
", a test rig was built to determine the tolerable load cycles of filigree notched joints and life tests were carried out.

The service life of material-fitted joints was investigated, since these are widely used in precision engineering, but there are hardly any experimental studies on the service life of these joints.

Material-fitted joints are being researched in the Application of Nonuniformly Translating Moving Systems research focus area.

The setup of the test bench is presented in the following video:

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