Design Office

  Robot moves component to three positions Copyright: © IGMR


Photo of Sascha Lersch © Copyright: IGMR


Sascha Lersch

Team Leader Technology and Administration


+49 241 80 95558



The design office supports model development and manufacturing in research and industrial projects. In addition to the creation of CAD models in common CAD systems, the design office also supports the generation of functional models and the preparation of manufacturing.

The construction of prototypes and parts takes place both at IGMR at the Mechanical Workshop and at our industrial partners.

Furthermore we develop and construct Mechanism Models which are used as teaching material. These models help students to visualize movements and help industrial contructors to solve technical problems of mechanisms.


Prototype construction at a glance

  • qualified and motivated employees
  • constant communication between development, construction and production for the best possible realization of the production plans
  • use of CAD system in the workshop area
  • many years of experience in the development and construction of prototypes
  • high-precision manufacturing to ensure function and safety
  • components and assemblies are precisely matched to each other
  • continuous monitoring of the productive process chain
  • fast problem solving and high flexibility through close teamwork and short hierarchical paths
  • Use of rapid prototyping processes as an alternative to a cost-intensive machining process, depending on feasibility and application
  • Use of rapid prototyping processes for the creation of initial functional samples
  • Processing of metal, non-ferrous metal, plastic, wood