Measurement Technology

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In addition to computer-aided simulation technology, a practical experimental and metrological investigation of motion devices, machine components, mechanisms and robots is often indispensable. The Institute of Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics has extensive metrological equipment and expertise to investigate typical problems on technical equipment and to quantify and analyze motion characteristics. With a well-founded evaluation of the measurement results and an analysis of the movement and vibration behaviour, many problems can be solved in a targeted manner. Some metrological systems and example applications are described below, just contact us, if you have a problem where a measurement or experimental investigation could help, then we will clarify the possibilities.


Measurement Technology at a glance

  • iGPS: Indoor Global Positioning System
  • Coordinate Measuring System
  • Surface Scanner
  • Laser Triangulation
  • Measurement Data Acquisition
  • Modal Analysis
  • Accelerometers
  • Optical Measurement
  • Force Sensors
  • Displacement and Strain Measurement
  • Electronic Measurement Technology