Center of Advanced Robotics

  Pennant Center of Advanced Robotics. A project by RWTH Copyright: © RWTH Stabsstelle Marketing

In the Center of Advanced Robotics, COAR for short, all research areas on stationary and mobile robotics are bundled beyond our research fields.

Hardware and test bench equipment as well as research on software, controls and grippers are taken into account.

Our core competencies

Your partner in robotics and handling technology

  • In-house development and integration
  • Structure and dimension synthesis
  • Control and regulation
  • Motion and trajectory planning
  • Human-robot collaboration and safety

Your Partner in Artificial Intelligence

  • Fleet management and task planning
  • Image recognition and processing
  • Mobile autonomous systems
  • Error modeling through Artificial Intelligence

A selection of COAR projects


Disaster Companion

Firefighter with breathing protection Copyright: © Feuerwehr Krefeld

A driverless assistance system for operational situations

The project idea

  • Robot carries material and equipment not directly needed by the attack squad, such as stretchers, axes and spare gas cylinders.
  • Robot follows a specific person of the squad
  • Robot can be parked to act as an advance material storage facility
  • Goal: speeding up operations by picking up loads

Partial aspects

  • Dynamic person detection and tracking
  • Efficient robot tracker
  • Cognition under poor visibility conditions

Smart folding structures

Folding component Copyright: © IGMR

Advantages of folding

  • Low transport dimensions with large set-up dimensions
  • Optimal for temporary use
  • Scalable and combinable
  • Subsystems can be intelligently networked

Smart folding

  • Perception of the environment by sensors: for example: load, water level and noise level.
  • Opening and closing based on an activation function

Task planning for mixed teams

Drone with two people Copyright: © Mario Irrmischer

Taking advantage: The Mixed Team

  • Consists of robots, humans and drones.
  • Goal: Exploit advantages of humans and machines!

Agile task planning for complex scenarios

  • Unknown set of tasks before deployment
  • Agile planning of mixed team tasks during deployment.
  • Human and drone can collect and determine tasks, human retains control

Radar localization and SLAM

Radar map: floor plan of a building Copyright: © IGMR

Highly robust radar sensor technology

  • Unaffected by dust and smoke
  • Inference of materials possible

Localization in visibility-impaired environments

  • Localization in process
  • Robust against environmental influences
  • Developed and tested in EU projects