Machine Dynamics and Vibration Technology


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Jan-Lukas Archut

Team Leader


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The group Machine Dynamics and Vibration Technology develops and applies methods and procedures for the design and optimization of mechanical systems. This includes simulation-based design of dynamic systems, synthesis and operation of highly dynamic motion systems and vibration technology.

The focus of the research area Simulation-Based Design of Dynamic Systems is on multibody simulation. Multibody simulation allows to calculate the system behavior during operation and to obtain the resulting loads on the components. In combination with the finite element method, the influence of component elasticities on the system behavior and resulting stresses in the components can be determined. The aim of this research area is to improve the meaningfulness and applicability of multibody simulation for the design process. This includes, for example methods for the simulation-based design load calculation and methods for the computationally efficient or real-time capable multibody simulations.

The IGMR has extensive experience in the design and operation of motion systems, like mechanisms and robots. In such systems, undesirable dynamic affects can occur, especially at high operating speeds. They might result in strong vibrations or high forces in the structure or on the frame. However, dynamic effects can also be exploited purposefully, for example to increase precision or energy efficiency of a motion system. These contrary effects are explored in the research area Highly Dynamic Motion Systems. For both synthesis and operation, methods are developed to improve the dynamic properties of motion systems.

In the research area Vibration Technology, research is conducted on modern approaches to process and condition monitoring based on vibration measurement and analysis. The research focus is complemented with methods for the purposeful excitation or modification of dynamic properties of oscillatory systems for damping, isolation or other desired effects.

The developed methods allow to solve a variety of technical problems in different industrial fields. Application-oriented questions are worked on in cooperation with manufacturers and users.


The main Research Areas of Dynamics of Machines and Vibration Engineering: