TransOri - Transferring Origami-Principles to Technical Applications

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One advantage of the folding design principle is the combination of two fundamental technical functionalities - that of reconfigurability and that of induction of statically usable stiffness. By introducing folds, highly stressable structures can be produced from flat sheets with a thin cross-section, which can also be changeable if the folded edges are designed accordingly. A distinction is made between rigid folds as a structural shaping principle for self-supporting lightweight structures and convertible folds as a design principle for movable structures. Both properties – reinforcement and reconfigurability – predestine folding structures for applications in architecture and engineering.



Within the proposed project processes and methods will be applied and investigated at the example of an Origami-based self-supporting deployable structure. This structure is to be complex and challenging, but it has to be assured that the arising problems can be resolved during project course.


A promising pattern for applications in architecture is selected: the ´Miura-Ori´, the Miura Folding. This folding pattern is characterized by a spatial motion with only one degree of freedom and an immense deployability. Further, it allows plenty of variations. The Origami-based foldable structure will be designed and engineered under conditions as realistic as possible with the goal to identify the real problems and challenges and to find adequate solutions. By an attendant scientific monitoring of the applied methods and processes a greater understanding for Miura-Ori-based foldings in architecture scale is created. It is supposed that the knowledge can be transferred to other structures based on Origami patterns.


Faculty of Architecture, Chair of Structures and Structural Design


The project "TransOri: Transferring Origami-Principles to Technical Applications" has been supported by funds from the Excellence Initiative Seed Fund of the German federal and state governments.