DELTA Robots

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Project State



Research work and workshops on the delta robot

Within the framework of a long-term cooperation with the Institute for Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics, research and development work on the topic of further development of the delta robot of the industrial partner with associated advanced training and workshops was carried out. This work concerned both the side of the control system and the mechanics of the delta robot in terms of performance and cost. Through training and workshops, methods, software tools as well as algorithms and calculation bases have been established with the industrial partner on a sustainable basis.

In order to create a common knowledge base, an intensive exchange of knowledge regarding the theoretical kinematics, useful calculation tools and applied robot operation was carried out at the beginning of the research cooperation. In order to carry out research work, a test bench for a delta structure was developed, set up and put into operation at the IGMR. The first step was to show the physical limits of the system by means of optimized movements that were preset by the controller.

The specification of an optimized movement could visibly improve the robot's motion behavior. For this purpose, the control unit has been adapted so that it can independently generate the new and improved movement. A new software module has been developed for this purpose, which contains the kinematic transformations as well as the optimization algorithms. Fast calculations and time-optimized data processing are key targets.