PENTAPOD: Improvement of the motion behaviour of robots through path planning

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To reduce cycle times, high-speed webs are to be realized in many industrial applications. The definition of both the geometric path and the time law is usually independent of the robot-specific properties. Rectangles are often defined within the working area where a path of straight lines, circles or spline functions can be programmed. Additional criteria such as collisions, avoidance of areas in the workspace with poor properties, and so on are rarely taken into account.

Due to the increasing performance capability of today's drive technology, however, the aim is to adapt motion sequences as optimally as possible to specific requirements. In order to meet this requirement, an optimum definition of the geometric path and the motion profile must be determined, taking into account sensible optimization criteria time-optimal and optimum performance as well as robot-specific limits maximum drive torques and forces and maximum drive speeds.


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