Vibration analysis of the drive train of a tire testing machine under MATLAB / SIMULINK

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An uneven pattern of wear occurs in an existing tire testing machine, which essentially serves to examine the wear behaviour during constant speed driving in the speed range of 80 to 120 km/h with adjustable camber, track, wheel load and torque. This leads to the conclusion that vibrations occur in the drive train of the tire testing machine.

These vibrations become noticeable with a simple rotation frequency of the tire. This can be seen on the one hand in the fact that the corresponding amplitude increases occur in the frequency spectrum of the load, moment and revolution, and on the other hand in the wear pattern of the tire tread. To clarify these vibration phenomena, the following investigations were carried out:

  • Development of a mathematical model for the description of the tire mounting subsystem with drive unit from the perspective of vibrational engineering and program-technical implementation.
  • Determination of system-describing parameters such as mass, mass moment of inertia, spring stiffness based on available drawings and other documents.
  • Simulation of the inherent behaviour of the subsystem and correlation with existing measurements.
  • Evaluation and documentation of the calculations.


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