Investigation of a new wave power plant technology with regard to general feasibility

  Buoys in the compound of a wave power plant Copyright: © IGMR

Project State



Within the scope of the study, a new wave force technology will be examined in more detail and the concept will be evaluated with regard to its physical feasibility. The corresponding technology has already been applied for a patent EP 2 369 170 B1 and legally granted. In addition, a first functional prototype was set up and tested in shallow waters. The aim of the investigations at the Institute for Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics is to prove the suitability of the concept by means of a simulation model. Subsequently, the created simulation model can be used to design the system and tune it for optimal movement behaviour or maximisation of the energy that can be gained. In addition, the model offers the possibility of determining the loads on the individual components and thus provides a design basis necessary for the construction of the individual components.