SPARC: Results and Application

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Mathias Hüsing

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The new sPC (small passenger car) VeHiL test bench, developed in the SPARC project, was introduced in June 2005. Schenck Final Assembly Products Püttlingen had been working on the development of test benches for new vehicle generations with the aim of testing the majority of all drive-by-wire functionalities of a vehicle, and has now produced the first prototype of the new generation of test benches at DaimlerChrysler in Untertürkheim.

The potentials of the sPC VeHiL test benches

The sPC VeHiL test stand and the prototype of the new generation of test stands are of great interest for future vehicle development. Due to their rigorous modular design, these test benches have the potential to test the majority of all mechatronic and mechanical components of the modern car in the development phase and also in the final (EoL) tests within the final assembly line. By rigorously using the new generation of test benches, OEMs are now able to take full advantage of the advanced concept. From the development of modern vehicles, with their various components and integrated systems, to the vehicle production process, in which all the necessary test procedures during final assembly guarantee high product quality and smoothly functioning systems.

Other possibilities of the new VeHiL test benches in vehicle development are:

  • The test bench provides an integrated concept for functional tests and complete vehicle tests
  • Test runs for established vehicle functions can be fully automated
  • Documentation of certain test runs can be fully automated and used as a concept for final production.
  • Compilation of visualization / tools based test cases
  • Tests with a real vehicle under real conditions (road simulation)
  • Real, the dynamic behavior of the powertrain without the use of complex simulations
  • High reproducibility
  • Optimization and preparation of winter tests on stationary test benches (highly reproducible roads and laboratory conditions)
  • Reproducible acoustic tests (NVH) within the entire drive train
  • Tests with different coefficients of friction ESP Plus, real ASR tests, ABS Plus, mue-Split,....


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