Functional Determined Additive Manufacturing

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The German Research Foundation funded research project aims to exploit the full potential of additive manufacturing . In cooperation with the Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering and the Visual Computing Institute , a integrated product development process for functionally determined additive manufacturing is to be developed , that includes the process steps of design, process preparation and manufacturing, while at the same time further developing the "Fused Layer Modeling" manufacturing process into a 6-dimensional, layerless additive manufacturing process.


The overarching research hypothesis is that a function-oriented, multi-axial and layerless product development process can be used to design and manufacture optimized component geometries in a load-oriented manner and with functionally optimal effective surfaces.

The project aims to exploit the full potential of additive manufacturing and establish an end-to-end product creation process. This is to be achieved by developing and applying function-oriented, model-based product development processes that focus on the active surfaces and guiding support structures of the component while taking AF-specific boundary conditions into account.

We will participate in the project with our expertise in robotics and multidirectional additive manufacturing. We are looking forward to an exciting joint project and a good cooperation.



German Research Foundation, short DFG