BelKol-MKS - Determination of individual loads and stresses for rail vehicle bogies

  Drawing representation of an rail vehicle bogie Copyright: © IGMR


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Due to climate change and capacity limits of road transportion, innovative concepts of mobility are needed more than ever. Rail transport in local and long-distance traffic should play a significant role in changing mobility. With precise knowledge about the loads of railway vehicle bogie, components with lower mass can be developed. This leads to lower material and energy consumption.


Development of a safe and efficient methdology for determination of individual loads and stresses for rail vehicle bogies based on multi body simulation.



  1. Identification of simulation scenarios by measurement data analysis
    • Existing measurement data such as acceleration, velocity and rotation rates are used for automatically creation of simulation scenarios
    • Simulations are run in Simpack
  2. Influence analysis of operational conditions
    • Operating conditions have different impact on the loads
    • Operational Conditions with high high impact such as track irregularities are identified
  3. Reduction of simulation effort
    • Based on the influence analysis, loads are determined using a few basic scenarios
    • In these basic scenarios all relevant operational conditions are represented
    • In den Grundszenarien werden alle relevanten Einsatzparameter abgebildet
    • The loads are extrapolated to the required mileage
  4. Determination of stresses
    • Elastic components are integrated into multi body simulation model
    • With simulation results of the elastic components stresses can be evaluated at any required position


The research project is carried out in cooperation with the global competence center for bogies of Siemens Austria GmbH in Graz.