Internet of Production - Agile assembly system through cooperation of robotic and sensoric network

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Agile, freely networked assembly systems, which are characterized by the sensoric-supported cooperation of several mobile and stationary robots, is an essential part of the Internet of Production, short IoP. Concretely, these assembly systems can be enabled to be a part of the IoP by mapping them in the structure of a meta-model. This enables the generation of a so-called digital shadow in the IoP.


At the robotics laboratory of the Institute of Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics of the RWTH Aachen, an assembly scenario has been depicted that can be represented by cooperation between several mobile and stationary robot and sensor systems.

In implemented assembly scenarios, robotic systems with different structures are engaged: mobile units and manipulators as well as stationary robots. The workstations in such systems can also be configurable for example Gantry robots. Global sensoric systems enable communicaion between robotic agents. The local referencing between these agents is realized through an Indoor GPS system, short iGPS. In addition, the environment is monitored by depth cameras. Communication takes place via a common information network.

The project is funded as part of the Internet of Production - IoP Excellence Strategy with the aim of facilitating integration into the fourth generation of the Industrial Revolution.

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