Automatic Robot-Guided Form Scan and Coating

  Robot at Testbench Copyright: © IGMR / IPGR

Project State



In this project, the forms are detected and their edges are realized by a laser scanner mounted on the end effector of the robot. The collected data are synchronized and filtered, and a suitable trajectory is created for coating the inner surface of the forms. Several variables, such as the speed of the nozzle, distances and gaps, the size of the nozzle and the outlier for a homogeneous coating can be selected during the trajectory planning.


The project was initiated with the motivation to increase flexibility in scanning and coating various molds.


In the context of this project, synchronization is required between three systems. The sensor software, which is responsible for the acquisition of the data is synchronized with movement of the robot. The program, which is responsible for post-processing the data and calculating the trajectories for the robot. The Robot control system, which receives the information of the trajectory and executes it immediately.


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