Trapo AG Industry Cooperation

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Project State



In the course of the industry cooperation with Trapo AG, IGMR supports in many areas of the development process. This includes design aspects, path and trajectory planning of mobile robots and parallel kinematic robots, as well as the design and implementation of the controller and the underlying framework.

Among many projects, IGMR has successfully assisted in the design of the construction and control of

  • the Driverless Transport Systems, short FTS,
  • the Trapo Transport Shuttle, short TTS, and
  • the Trapo Loading System, short TLS.


In corporate cooperations, IGMR can apply the knowledge and methods gained in science to solve problems and implement them profitably for the company.


The goal is to advise and support the industrial partner Trapo AG in technical challenges. The sub-goals to be fulfilled depend on the current challenges of Trapo AG and change continuously.



Depending on the problem at hand, IGMR uses different tools. Basically, however, the knowledge gained from science is always applied to the practical application and optimized. In past projects this included the theory of parallel robot kinematics, navigation and path planning of mobile robots as well as localization and mapping of the environment for mobile robots. For the latter, in particular, the Robot Operating System is used to create the control architecture.

Excerpt of the projects:

  • Parallel kinematics for the positioning of packages from a conveyor belt to the final packing station
    • Kinetostatic analysis
    • Drive system design
    • Trajectory planning
    • High and rotation matter
    • Optimization
  • Development Transport System
    • Implementation of the basic structure
      • ROS
      • Localization: local and global
      • SLAM
      • Fine positioning
      • Updates
  • Development Loading System
    • ROS
    • Construction requirements


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