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Flexible robotic solutions in form of mobile robots, serial manipulators, smart cranes, and customised grippers for handling a large variety of parts.

Over the last years, production has been shifted from mass production to customization. As a response, MASTERY aims to develop flexible robotic solutions. Mobile, high and low payload industrial and collaborative robots, smart cranes, and flexible grippers enhanced with AI driven advanced control and perception capabilities will handle autonomously a large variety of parts varying in size, shape, and material.

The conventional production lines are traditionally focused on one product variant, or one family of products. These production lines show their limitations to cope with further requirements, such as new products or product of different shapes, sizes, or of different materials. To tackle this development gap, Masterly will focus on the following five pillars:

  1. Innovative, efficient, and low consumption systems for storage, retrieval, conveying and pick-and-place using a multi-disciplinary approach
  2. Robust handling devices and systems, with integrated –AI driven- advanced control
  3. User-friendly interfaces for robot/machine control and programming
  4. Interoperable Software- and Hardware-Interfaces
  5. Industrial Pilot Cases for work piece handling in full production line

The technologies will be tested for flexibility, efficiency, and user acceptance in three use cases from different productions sectors, aiming to demonstrate production line and cross sector applicability and adaptability:

  • Elevators manufacturing, focusing on the assembly of electrical cabinets of lifts, Company KLEEMANN
  • Sportswear, focusing on warehouse logistics and packaging, Company DECATHLON
  • Aeronautics production, focusing on production of large composite panels of aircraft wings, Company AERNNOVA.

Tasks of the IGMR

As part of the consortium with ten partners, IGMR of RWTH will lead Workpackage three “AI driven control for workpiece handling and manipulation”, where it will also be responsible for generating digital twins on the cell and on the shop-floor level.

Beside this task, IGMR will also the task leader in for the tasks “Hardware and software specifications”, at the beginning of the project, and “Automated programming of AGVs” and “Automated cell level robot programming using physical artefacts”, during the main research period.


EU-Horizon 101091800

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