Finished Projects

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Name of the Project
Human-Robot Collaboration - Redesigning a Workplace for Employees with Performance Transformations at Ford-Werke GmbH
Next Generation
Increasing the operating speed of a production machine
Flexible component handling based on the reconfigurable parallel kinematic structure PARAGRIP
Development of a simulation model for the investigation of vibrations in large asynchronous machines
E2F - Development and Design of technical Foldings
Bots2ReC: Robots to Re-Construction
Analysis and simulation of bone movement in the human hand root
Active deformation of flexible components
Good Vibes
Vibration analysis of the drive train of a tire testing machine under MATLAB / SIMULINK
Helix: Development of a system for automated laminating
Increased performance and noise reduction by reducing weaving machine vibrations
TransOri - Transferring Origami-Principles to Technical Applications
DELTA Robots
Investigation of a new wave power plant technology with regard to general feasibility
Analysis and elimination of the cause of vibrations in paper rolling machines
Fold-In - Folding Innovations: Basics, Design, Applications, Visions
thinkMOTION – Digital Mechanism and Gear Library goes Europeana
Robot end effector for local workpiece manipulation in the automated production of textile preforms
Hollow Glass Forming
Parallel kinematic sewing unit
Convertible Tops
Design of mechatronic systems consisting of drive, control and non-uniformly geared transmissions
Distinct interactions between electric drive and non-uniformly geared transmission
PENTAPOD: Optimization of a parallel manipulator for use as a guide gear in a sewing unit
wheelchair hand bike for children with spastic paralysis
PENTAPOD: Improvement of the motion behaviour of robots through path planning
PENTAPOD: Calibration of parallel robots
PENTAPOD: Development and construction if a novel parallel manipulator with a degree of freedom of five
Path planning for five-part robots
SPARC: Results and Application
SPARC: Test platform for drive-by-wire equipped vehicles in development and production