Robotic Systems Engineering M.Sc.



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Robotic technology and cyber-physical systems are widely applied in different ways, such as industrial machines, automobiles, micro-electric industries, as well as aerospace and air transport industries. The design of robotic systems deals with various preception principles that enable the systems to recognize and analyze their environment, adapt to it and take appropriate actions to accomplish the given tasks. The M.Sc. Robotic Systems Engineering, M.Sc. RoboSys is tailored for robotic specialists and provides an outstanding education at the interface between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer sciences.

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Course Contents

A Graduate of the Master Program Robotic Systems Engineering

  • Learns in specialist facilities, which includes a wide range of robotic systems: industrial robots, mobile robots, assistance robotics, and intralogistics robotic systems
  • Develops, implements and programs robotic systems for different levels of autonomy
  • Designs industrial robots that are automated, programmable, and capable to move in a dexterous workspace
  • Combines and applies technological skills of mechanics, electrical drives, sensor technology, and information processing to optimize systems of robots for different domains
  • Organizes and monitors the operation and manufacturing processes
  • Develops robotic systems for embedded production systems or autonomous warehouses


How long will my Curriculum Change Request take to be processed?

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Thus, it is important - and your responsibility! - to send us your request in reasonable time before the end of the examination registration period.

What formal requirements do I have to keep in mind when writing my Internship Report?

Here are some key aspects of what we expect from your internship report:

You have to include the internship front page of IGMR as the first page of your report.

Further, the report should at least be 24 pages long - excluding pictures, reference lists, and the table of content. For instance, you start your internship on July 1st, 2023, and finish it after 12 weeks on September 23rd, 2023. For every week of your internship you will need to write approximately 2 pages which adds up to 2x12= 24 written (!) pages in total.

At the end you should add a critical review reflecting on your overall experience during your internship.

You also need to add a Certificate of the company you did your internship in - however, the certfificate should not be included in your report but rather has to be sent to us as a seperate pdf.

If there´s any uncertainties, take a look at your examination regulations where you can find more information concerning the internship in general.

To whom do I have to submit the Internship report and the Internship Certificate?

Please note the new procedure:

Your internship report and certificate must now be sent directly to the . The RoboSys email adress should no longer be used for these submissions.

However, if you are facing any difficulties while writing your report, do not hesistate to . We still remain available to answer any questions you have.

I am planning to write my masters thesis externally. What are the requirements for finding an internal supervisor?

Any institute that is a faculty 4 institute will be able to supervise you internally.

Further, if an institute offers a module in the standard Curriculum of Robotic Systems Engineering, this institute can also be selected as your internal supervisor, even if it is not a faculty 4 institute.

Modules that you have added to your Curriculum via a Curriculum Change Request do NOT count into that!

If you are not sure which modules are offered by which institutes, you can look it up in the module description on RWTH Online.

What do I need to know regarding supervisors and assistants?

  • Supervising professor: Professor of RWTH Institutes of faculty 4 or part of your curriculum, internal supervisor
  • Supervising research assistant: responsible research assistant of the same RWTH Institute
  • External Supervisor:only for external thesis at a company or research institute that is not part of faculty 4 or your curriculum.

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Any genereal questions regarding Robotic Systems Engineering M.Sc.

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I want my language course to be credited. Whom do I have to contact?

Plase contact your corresponding person at the examination office.

I sent a Curriculum Change Request to add a module to my Curriculum, but it got rejected.

It is certainly frustrating when a module you wished to take gets rejected.

We always take a lot of time and consideration when deciding whether a module will be an option for a Curriculum Change Request.

If we eventually decide a module is not suitable, it is because this module is not fitting for the overall goal of the Robotic Systems Engineering degree. We do not take this decision arbitrarily but try to make it fair and uniform for everyone.

I want to apply for a scholarship and need a recommendation letter. What documents and information do you require from me?

We will need different kinds of information to evaluate whether we can issue a recommendation letter for you:

  • Tell us in which batch/ year you started your studies so we can calculate the average study length of your batch.
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