Tailor-Made Software Development


Software Development Motion Technology

Mechdev GUI: left Mechanism, right Diagram Copyright: © IGMR

For the processing of demanding tasks in motion theory, in-depth knowledge of motion theory and good software tools are indispensable. Especially in recurring design processes, tailored tools can help to improve and accelerate the development. The IGMR therefore offers you the development of tailor-made software for your tasks in the field of motion theory. The software tool is tailored precisely to your needs and the expert knowledge of the IGMR staff is integrated. Your wishes regarding the technology will also be taken into account. We can offer you standalone software, extensions to existing software systems, CAD-integrated tools, MATLAB code or other developments. The programs are based on analytical, parameterized or numerical models and allow the targeted and efficient investigation of a large number of influencing factors.


Software Development Machine Dynamics

In the group machine dynamics and vibration technology, we not only use commercial multibody simulation and finite element programs but also develop application-specific software tools. Hence, scope and functionality can be adapted to the specific application and its requirements. This includes for example customized programs for multibody simulation, analysis tools for the investigation of vibration problems and tools for the optimization-based design of machines. Furthermore, commercial but also our own software tools can be coupled, for example to perform co-simulations.


Software Development Robotics

Simulation Human and Robots Copyright: © IGMR

The Robot Operating System is the world-wide most used middleware in robotics. ROS is an open-source framework with libraries and tools that sustain the development of robotic applications. IGMR has vast experience in setting up, configuring, and deploying specialized applications in ROS. Our expertise reaches from the navigation, localization, trajectory planning algorithms to the sensor data processing, and real-time hardware control algorithms. We able to deploy ROS both in simulations for example in Gazebo or integrate it in different robotic structures within real-world applications. Beside ROS, we have expertise with robot-specific software such as KUKA Sunrise, Universal Robot, or FANUC RoboGuide.