Industry 4.0

  Supervision of a production environment with people and robots Copyright: © IGMR  

Recent advances in technologies such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things have paved the way for the Industry 4 . 0 initiative

There are numerous approaches that have been developed to facilitate the integration of physical and virtual or digital workshops and production lines . These include , for example , Data Lakes , Big Data and Digital Twins and Shadows .

Our research and development activities enable the creation and operation of reliable smart factories .

A key focus here is the integration of robots and sensor systems for the successful execution of automated processes . The resulting data lake of information is processed in a targeted manner and made available to the robot for navigation and process planning . Another important aspect is the development of digital shadows . In addition to the acquisition of information relevant for an assembly process by sensor systems as a digital shadow , a method is being developed at IGMR that for the first time allows the underlying qualities of a robot hand as a universal gripper to be represented as a digital shadow .


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