Human-Robot Collaboration - Redesigning a Workplace for Employees with Performance Transformations at Ford-Werke GmbH

  Person works supported by Robot at Production Copyright: © Ford


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Project State



Redesign of a cycle time-bound workplace to secure the employment of people with disabilities with the help of human-robot collaboration in the engine plant of Ford-Werke GmbH.

In the project, a workplace in the engine plant of Ford-Werke GmbH in Cologne has been modified for people with disabilities. The cycle time-bound assembly process involves the assembly of so-called "Variable Cam Time" solenoids, which are pressed into the front cover of the engine. Using human-robot collaboration, the loads and sequences are adapted so that people with disabilities can do the job.

  Schematic structure of the production line Copyright: © Ford Reconstruction of the production line: Top without robotic support, Bottom with robotic support


Expanding job opportunities for people with disabilities and securing workplaces with the help of human-robot collaboration


  • Gain important knowledge in the handling and implementation of human-robot workplaces
  • Create workplaces for people with disabilities
  • Improve unergonomic work situation


  • Modification of the workplace to an inclusive human-robot workplace as a model project
  • scientific supervision of the implementation and analysis of the work results regarding improvement of ergonomics
  • safety in HRC
  • time and cost schedule as well as challenges during construction, implementation, and operation



Final Report