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Markus Schmitz



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The Service Center of Advanced Robotic supports the research areas in the implementation of automation projects, the commissioning of robots, and the consulting and programming of automated test benches. At IGMR, we are experts in the commissioning, operation and programming of robots.

Robots are used in many research projects in all disciplines. Mostly, however, the necessary expertise and time are lacking to use robots in a targeted and easy-to-operate manner, especially in test benches. This is where we want to start!



  • Do you want to integrate a robot into your test bench?
  • Do you have a robot and want to reuse it for a showcase?
  • Do you have special requirements for measurements and sensor technology that are to be guided through a robot and thus automated?
  • Do errors occur on the robot that you are currently unable to solve yourself?
  • Are you planning a research project in which robots are to be used?
  • Do you need ideas and support on how automation by robots can also be used in your field of expertise?

Contact us!

Dr.-Ing. Markus Schmitz is available as your contact for the implementation and planning of automation orders and for technical advice. Please send quotation requests to .


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