Safety for Robots

  Mobile robot in front of laser scanner Copyright: © IGMR  

Safety Assessment According to Standards

We design safety systems for robot cells according to DIN EN ISO 10218, as well as DIN EN ISO 13855 and integrate corresponding methods and sensors. In addition, we offer the elaboration of hazard assessments.


Safety for Human-Robot Collaboration and Cobots

Our main focus in safety engineering is on the equipment of collaborative workplaces and robot cells without separating safety technology. We offer expertise in working with DIN ISO/TS 15066 and corresponding hazard assessments, as well as commissioning safe collaborative robot systems and safety sensors.


Innovative Safety Engineering

In addition to existing normative safety systems, we provide methods for innovatively equipping the robot cell with dynamic entry detection and adaptive speed control. These systems are based on the applicable standards and can also be integrated redundantly with appropriate safety sensor technology in practical applications.