Literature and Patent Search

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At the IGMR there is a very extensive computer-assisted literature documentation, which is supplemented by a detailed index of keywords. It forms the basis for the more than 25 yearly overviews compiled at the IGMR since 1961, which comprehensively reflect the state of knowledge on current national and international research priorities with regard to transmission and mechanics technology. For this purpose, the institute's extensive specialist library can be used.

By participating in various VDI guidelines oriented towards gearing technology within the framework of corresponding committees, the institute has a very good overview of the VDI guidelines relevant for the specialist areas of gearing technology and machine dynamics. These include in particular those VDI guidelines, some of which contain extensive catalogues or collections of solutions for various groups of non-uniformly translating gear units.

We carry out patent searches for you in the fields of Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics. In doing so, we also make use of the patent information centre affiliated to the RWTH Aachen University.