Corporate Relations

Mobile Robot in a Production Environment © Copyright: IGMR

In our Research Fields and Cross-Cutting Topics, we offer a wide range of cooperation opportunities and a comprehensive spectrum of services for industry and business. The focus is on practical research and innovation. In addition to research and development contracts, we also offer individual cooperation and training opportunities.

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Rendering of the Parallel Kinematic Structure Paragrip © Copyright: IGMR

The IGMR is happy to support you in the development and design of motion devices and mechatronic systems. We provide you with expertise in all areas of motion design.

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MechDev Software Product Box © Copyright: IGMR

We offer the development of tailor-made software for your tasks in the field of motion theory. The software tool is tailored precisely to your needs and the expert knowledge of the IGMR staff is integrated.

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Scientist is working on the Computer © Copyright: Martin Braun

The IGMR has extensive experience in the Simulation of Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems. We would be happy to Support you in Simulating your Product.

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Perception and Sensors

Sensor and camera data of a production environment © Copyright: IGMR

In the areas of sensor technology, computer vision and process analysis, we offer a wide range of application scenarios and possibilities.

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Safety for Robots

Mobile robot in front of laser scanner © Copyright: IGMR

In addition to the design of safety systems for robots and our expertise in the implementation of standards, we also offer the innovative safety technologies and sensors.

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Industry 4.0

Supervision of a production environment with people and robots © Copyright: IGMR

Our research and development activities enable the construction and operation of reliable smart factories.

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Artificial Intelligence

Rendering of a networked Production Environment with People and Robots © Copyright: IGMR

The topics of artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital transformation can be found in all of IGMR's research fields.

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Measurement and Validation

Stationary and Mobile Robots with Radar Sensors © Copyright: IGMR

We have extensive measurement equipment and expertise to investigate typical problems on technical equipment and to quantify and analyze the movement characteristics. With a well-founded evaluation of the measurement results and an analysis of the movement and vibration behavior, many problems can be eliminated in a targeted manner.

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Training and Education

An Employee gives a Presentation to five People at a Table © Copyright: Martin Braun

Training courses offer your employees the opportunity to expand their expertise and methodological knowledge, learn new software or gain in-depth skills in practical application. We also offer training tailored to your challenges.


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Expert Reports

Supervision of a Meeting Table with two People and Documents © Copyright: Martin Braun

We provide you with Patent and Court Reports.

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Literature und Patent Search

Learning Room at University Library © Copyright: Martin Braun

We carry out patent searches for you in the fields of Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics. In doing so, we also make use of the patent information centre affiliated to the RWTH Aachen University.

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