Current Projects

  Two mobile robots and one stationary robot in the laboratory Copyright: © IGMR  
Name of the Project
ECODWELL: Efficient Generation of Dwells in Highly Dynamic Machines
IIDEA - Inclusion and Integration with Cobots in the First Labor Market
Establishment of the German Rescue Robotics Center
Functional Determined Additive Manufacturing
Measurement laboratory 7.1: Determination of spring and damper characteristics of a mountain bike
Development of an experimental simulator to analyse ACL pretension
Trapo AG Industry Cooperation
Pajako: Mass Balancing of Delta Robots
Real-Time Simulation of Elastokinematic Wheel Suspension Systems
Serious Gaming in Machine Design II
Semi-Automated Tile-Laying Aid
Automatic Robot-Guided Form Scan and Coating
Lightweight plastic cyclo gearbox
Restriction-free Additive Arc Welding
Multi-Body Simulation in Bike Design
Three finger compliant gripper based on topology optimization
Multidirectional Additive Manufacturing
PeTRA - Person-transfer robotic-assistant
Radar Localization and SLAM
Pajako: Stiffness optimization of functionally extended Delta robots
RePlaLink: Haptic Feedback System
Robotics Training Program
Robot Companion
Internet of Production - Design of Robotic Hands as Variable Gripper for Transient Resource Supply in Future Assembly Scenarios
Internet of Production - Agile assembly system through cooperation of robotic and sensoric network
Foldrob: Formalized design methods and component-based fundamentals for the development of fold-based robots
MechDev-Calculation core
BelKol-MKS - Determination of individual loads and stresses for rail vehicle bogies
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