Exploration of Automated Capability Estimation for Human-Robot Teaming

  Humans and robots work on the assembly of components Copyright: © Nils Mandischer



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Our group develops innovative systems that seamlessly unite humans and robots by assessing human capabilities and deriving complementary robot actions . This technology aims to enhance human performance and optimize work processes without replacing the role of humans. By achieving a state similar to 'flow', our approach enables harmonious interaction between humans and machines.

 In our Human-Robot Teaming group, we have a vision that humans and robots will one day be able to work together seamlessly and intuitively in a kind of human-machine symbiosis. Recently, we implemented an exploration application to demonstrate the potential of human-robot teams. The exploration includes a human capability assessment system to evaluate human potential and derive appropriate robot actions. In the future, robots will be able to use the identified capability deltas to find gaps between human performance and the requirements of the work process. Based on these deltas, actions will be derived that do not take work away from humans, but instead increase human capabilities until the requirements are met. Such systems will enable the human-robot team to reach a state that is similar to what is called "flow".

You can find the corresponding video under the following link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xql-DjJIV2o

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