MRTeam: Human-Robot-Teaming for Complex Applications

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We enable teams of humans and robots to optimally solve tasks together, taking into account their individual strengths.



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Our goal is to create methods and models that allow humans and robots to work and interact temporally and spatially together. We do not only deal with simple actions, but with entire activity processes in the form of complex action chains. Only in this way does the cooperation of humans and robots become an equal team in which each actor can optimally contribute his or her individual strengths, regardless of individual performance.


Why MRTeam?

Human-Robot-Collaboration makes use of all research fields of IGMR. On the one hand, there are humans and their interaction with physical interfaces. In addition to robots, these are also mechanisms in the form of haptic devices and grippers. On the other hand, there is the robot, which must be enabled to understand the situation and human intention. For this purpose, in addition to the dynamic simulation of action sequences, human models are also used, which draw on our competencies in multi-body dynamics and reference modeling.


Research Topics

Enabling Technology for Human-Robot-Collaboration

  • Capability-based Task Assignment
  • Human-integrative Task and Trajectory Planning
  • Safety

Human-Robot Teaming

  • Teams of Mobile Manipulators and Task Forces during Firefighting Operations
  • Teams of Mobile Manipulators and Workers in structured Indoor Environments

Application-based design of Human-Robot-Collaboration Processes and Devices

  • Collaborative Grippers
  • Inclusive Robotic Workstations
  • Haptic Feedback

Selected Projects:

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Adaptive Safety for Human-Robot Interaction
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Haptic Feedback System for Synthesis of Virtual Prototypes
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Robot Tracking Systems
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Automated Task Planning in an Industrial Scenario
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Next Generation: Human-Robot-Collaboration
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Exploration of Automated Capability Estimation for Human-Robot Teaming

Projects MRTeam

Person in Wheelchair with Robot in front of a Van © Copyright: Thomas Knobloch


Mobile robot moves up stairs © Copyright: IGMR

Robot Companion

Person in Wheelchair before a Workspace with robotic assistance © Copyright: IGMR


Person and mobile robots © Copyright: IGMR


CAD-Model of the PeTRA system © Copyright: IGMR


Employees in production line with robot © Copyright: Ford

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