Electronics Laboratory

  Supervision of an energy measurement in the laboratory and utensils Copyright: © Martin Braun


Photo of Tom Hauten © Copyright: IGMR


Tom Hauten

Staatlich geprüfter Techniker / Elektroniker


+49 241 80-99797



The Electronics Laboratory supports research at IGMR in all Areas.

In the Field of Prototyping, the Electronics Lab is available to assist in the Selection of Components and the Construction of Mechatronic Systems. In addition to an Electronics Workshop and a wide range of Laboratory Equipment, Measurement Technology is also available for Research and Industrial Projects, including Measurement Evaluation Software.

The Electronics Laboratory is involved in the Planning, Procurement, Development and Commissioning of Test Benches, Robots and Drive Systems. In addition, there is close cooperation with the Mechanical Workshop and the Design Office.

Within the Scope of Prototyping or for Measurement Value Generation, customized Solutions of Measurement and Control Electronics are also Developed, Produced and put into Operation.


Electronics Lab