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People with disabilities are often working beneath their physical capabilities. Therefore, they are unsatisfied with their occupation as they feel a lack of personal fulfilment. Following question arises: How can the working situation change for the better?

The project “Next Generation – mit flexiblen Roboterlösungen inclusive Arbeit entwickeln“ tries to answer this question. The goal is to support, enhance and develop the individual working capabilities of people with disabilities through innovative technology. This ensures that they can participate at the primary labour market and are recognized as valuable members of the working community. Furthermore, it can enhance their quality of life, self-perception and confidence.


Project goals

  1. Development of a design concept for inclusive human-robot workplaces for the primary labour market
    • Enabling working activity
    • Facilitating the execution of work by reducing workload and ensuring workplace safety
    • Creating personal possibilities
  2. Implementation of the concept through exemplary applications from local companies
  3. Publication of the project results

Personal goals

  • Creating chances, realising dreams
  • Quality of life, independence, self-determination, self-reliance
  • Fun and happiness as well as motivation and satisfaction at work
  • Identification with one’s occupation
  • Participation and inclusion at a company of the primary labour market
  • Promote existing capabilities


  • Developing a method to compare individual capabilities with process requirements
  • Design and implementation of an exemplary application from industry in experimental and operational environments
  • Derive guidelines for user support and to guarantee transmissibility of the concept


Caritas Wertarbeit (de)
Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (de)


Stiftung Wohlfahrtspflege NRW (de)
Landschaftsverband Rheinland – Inklusionsamt (de)
Caritasverband für die Stadt Köln e.V. (de)

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