Internet of Production - Design of Robotic Hands as Variable Gripper for Transient Resource Supply in Future Assembly Scenarios

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Besides the classic line assembly, there are numerous assembly scenarios that cannot currently be automated because a large number of different objects have to be handled. These differ in geometry, weight and size and cannot be gripped by a single conventional gripper. Such assembly scenarios are also usually not automatable, due to the varying requirements and changing conditions.
Robot hands are a promising possibility to realize such variable grippers. Analogous to the human hand, it is possible to handle and manipulate a multitude of different objects. In such a scenario, robotic hands do not replace the human workforce, but are able to support it in close cooperation.


For the development of suitable robot hands, a methodology is developed at IGMR.
This methodology uses the approach of functional design. The basic qualities of a robot hand are captured and defined by the underlying capabilities. The required capabilities may vary depending on the requirement profile of a scenario to be realized. Against the background of factors to be minimized, such as costs, a minimal set of required capabilities can be identified.
The capabilities of the hand are additionally linked to existing procedures and methods. Thus, a selection of the capabilities can be used to identify the methods to be applied.

The project is funded as part of the Internet of Production - IoP Excellence Strategy with the aim of facilitating integration into the fourth generation of the Industrial Revolution.