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Software development in the research field of mechanism theory has been anchored at the institute for decades. In addition to industrial projects for the solution and design of specific motion tasks, a large number of software products for the analysis, synthesis and optimization of plane, spherical and spatial mechanism have been developed.

Besides the implementation of numerical and analytical algorithms for the solution of motion technology problems, the development of corresponding user interfaces and working environments are also part of the research. Furthermore, current research topics, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, are incorporated into the research activities and projects.

In the development of software products in the field of mechanism theory, a distinction can be made between the following categories:

  • Dynamic interactive geometry software for mechanism design.
  • Special and universal software for mechanism theory
  • Internet-based knowledge repositories
  • Collaboration platforms
  • Extension of existing software products
  • Libraries for numerical and analytical solution


The goal of software development is the transfer of development methods of motion technology to software products and the digital support of engineering tasks.

Here, both the autonomous implementation of functionalities in individual applications and the extension of existing software products, such as CAD applications, Matlab scripts, office add-ins, are the subject of research. In addition, the integration and use of mechanism data in research data management and collaboration environments is being researched.


The implementation here is not limited to desktop applications. In the e-Kinematix project, for example, an interface was developed from a desktop application to a web-based collaboration platform. The Tool2Task software is a web application for the automatic generation of exercises, which is used in the courses Electromechanical Drive Technology and Motion Technology.

The mechanism lexicon and the mechanism model collection have been developed as knowledge repositories for use in teaching, research and industry. In addition to web applications and desktop applications, use on mobile devices was also taken into account during implementation.


Projects Mechanism Software

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MechDev AI

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Model Based Development

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In addition to the development of software products to support the analysis, synthesis, and optimization of unevenly translating gears, the Gear Technology and Kinematics research area also deals with the model-based development of mechanisms.

Here, the following topics are addressed in the Digital Development Tools research topic:

  • Use of Model and Metadata in Development
  • Virtual Prototypes
  • Digital Twins
  • Use and Development of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Networking
  • Real Time Evaluation of Sensor Data