Advanced Robotic Kinematics and Dynamics


The course “Advanced Robotic Kinematics and Dynamics” offers students a deeper understanding of mathematical approaches and modeling strategies for industrial robotics. The focus is set on the kinematic and dynamic analysis, especially of serial manipulators. The goal of the lecture is to teach the students all the basics needed for selection, motion control and programming of such robotic structures.

Lecture Contents

The course covers the theoretical aspects of robot mathematics related to the kinematic and dynamic analysis of a handling device. The presented topics range from the analysis of a robotic handling problem to the abstract modeling and numerical optimization of the robot motion.

The exercises provide a practical access to the lecture’s content. Therefore, both a reading-style exercise and an online course in Mathwork Cody Coursework offer a comprehensive learning environment. During the online and offline courses, the students will implement a complete model of an industrial manipulator in Mathwork Matlab.

Introduction to the robotic structure

  • Kinematic structures
  • Pose, orientation and position
  • Angle representations
  • Unit quaternions

Robotic kinematics

  • Workspace analysis
  • Coordinate transformation
  • Denavit-Hartenberg convention
  • Direct kinematics
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Differential kinematics
  • Motion analysis
  • Numerical and analytical computation methods

Robot control

  • Dynamic and static modeling
  • Optimization
  • Trajectory planning

Additional exercise content

  • Basic programming with Mathwork‘s Matlab
  • Online courses with self-assessment functionality


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