Motion Technology

The lecture 'Motion Technology' deals with the kinematics and kinetostatics of planar and spatial transmissions and discusses examples from many areas of engineering.

Lectures and exercises are offered only in German language.

1. Planar, spherical and spatial crank mechanism

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Fundamental Definitions

1.3 Applications

2. Analysis and classification of motion tasks


2.1 Transfer Mechanisms

2.2 Guidance Mechanisms

3. Mechanism analysis

3.1 5- and 6-bar mechanisms

3.2 Spherical mechanisms

3.3 Spatial mechanisms

4. Dead center position synthesis

4.1 Alt`s dead center position synthesis

5. Multiple Generation of a coupler curve

5.1 Generation of the Roberts Mechanisms

5.2 Generation of a five-bar-linkage with two synchonized cranks

5.3 Parallel guidance of a link on a coupler curve

6. Planetary Gears

6.1 Mechanism configuration and definitions

6.2 Transmission ratio

6.2.1 Planetary gear with one fixed wheel

6.2.2 Planetary gear with cranks

6.3 Applications for planetary gear with cranks

6.3.1 Sumgears

6.3.2 Planetary gear with cranks for high transmission ratios

6.4 Cycloids

6.4.1 Basics, Curves and Equations

6.4.2 Flection in the angular points

6.4.3 Generation of Twin-Cycloids

6.4.4 Generation of Cycloids with a revolving center wheel and multilevel transmissions

6.4.5 Applications for Cycloids

7. Curvature of trajectories

7.1 Centrode tangent and centrode normal

7.1.1 Equation of Euler-Savary

7.1.2 Bobillier's theorem

7.1.3 Inflection point and inflection circle

7.1.4 Straightening of coupler curves

8. Kinetics

8.1 Introduction of forces and moments

8.1.1 Twin-Forces and moment

8.1.2 Joint and friction forces

8.1.3 Point of action and transmission angle

8.2 Equilibrium conditions

8.2.1 for two, three and four forces

8.2.2 Superposition principle

8.2.3 Principle of virtual work

8.3 Virtual Power

8.4 Polkraftverfahren (Hain)

9. Special crank mechanism

9.1 Dwell mechanism

9.2 Synchronous mechanism

10. Applications

10.1 Conceptual synthesis

10.2 Structural synthesis

10.3 Dimensional synthesis

10.4 Dimensioning


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