Electromechanical Motion Technology

The lecture 'Electromechanical Motion Technology' deals with the kinematics and kinetostatics of plane mechanisms with examples from many areas in the field of mechanical engineering. In particular crank and cam mechanisms as well as their hybrids will be introduced. One focus is the analysis and synthesis of nonuniform transmitting crank mechanisms.

Lectures and exercises are offered only in German language.

1. Basics of Mechanism Theory

1.1 Elements of mechanisms

1.2 Mechanism types and configuration

1.3 Realizable technical functions of a mechanisms

1.4 Forms of representation

1.5 Mobility

2. Crank Mechanisms

2.1 Position analysis

2.1.1 Determination of link positions

2.1.2 Description of motion tasks

2.2 Dimensional synthesis of four-bar crank mechanisms

2.2.1 general link positions

2.2.2 coupler curves

2.2.3 transfer functions

3. Velocity

3.1 Velocity of a link point

3.2 Velocity state of a link plane

3.3 Relative motion of three link planes

4. Acceleration

4.1 Curvatures of trajectories

4.2 Acceleration of link points

4.3 Acceleration state of link planes

4.3.1 pure rotational motion

4.3.2 pure thrust motion

4.3.3 general motion: Euler, relative acceleration, Burmester, Mehmke

5. Cam Mechanisms

5.1 Types and Definitions

5.2 Definition of the motion task

5.3 Definition of transfer functions

5.4 Determination of kinemtatic dimensions

5.4.1 Hodograph procedure

5.4.2 approximation procedure of Flocke

5.5 Determination of guiding and working curve of the cam

5.5.1 graphical determination of the guiding- and working curve

5.5.2 algebraic determination of the guiding- and working curve

6. Electric drives

6.1 Electric rotational drives

6.2 Electric linear drives

6.3 Motor models

6.4 Control of electric drives



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