Fundamentals of Dynamics of Machines and Structural Dynamics

The ability of mathematically describing any mechanism with its inherent physical effects like elasticity, damping and friction as well as the analysis of the motion behaviour of those systems shall be imparted within this lecture.Dynamics of machines and structural dynamics deals with the investigation of causes and effects of time-varying forces and torques in machines. The mathematical treatment of dynamic problems helps to describe occurring phenomena and aims to reduce or eliminate unwanted effects.

Lectures and exercises are offered only in German language.

1. Dynamically Equivalent Systems

1.1 Components

1.2 Assembly Groups

1.3 Machinery and Machine Parts

2. Free Oscillators with One Degree of Freedom

2.1 Undamped Free Oscillation

2.2 Damped Free Oscillation

3. Forced Oscillators with One Degree of Freedom

3.1 Excitation by Harmonic Force 

3.2 Excitation by Harmonic Motion

3.3 Periodic Excitation

3.4 Isolation of Vibrations

4. Oscillators with Multiple Degrees of Freedom

4.1 Eigenbehaviour

4.2 Approximation Procedures for Eigen Angular Frequencies

4.3 Behaviour in Case of Excitation

4.4 Tuned Mass Dampers

5. Behaviour in Case of Parameter Excitation

5.1 Gears

5.2 Reciprocating Piston Engines

5.3 Stability Diagrams

6. Behaviour in Case of Self-Excitation

6.1 Friction Vibrations

6.2 Aerodynamically Self-Excited Vibrations

7. Balancing of Rotors

7.1 Characteristics of Unbalanced Rotors

7.2 Representation of the Unbalanced State

7.3 Identification and Compensation of Unbalances

7.4 Balancing Quality

8. Critical Revolution Speeds of Rotors

8.1 Shaft with a Disc

8.2 Shaft with Two or More Discs



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