Analysis and simulation of bone movement in the human hand root


The human wrist is anatomically one of the most complex joints in the human musculoskeletal system. The focus of medicine and biomechanics is primarily on the painless freedom of movement of the middle hand following illness or injury to the wrist and appropriate treatment.
Analysis and simulation of bone movement in the human hand root.

In a current research project, the Institute for Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics is working together with partners from medical technology and surgery on a new type of simulation tool. First of all, this tool is intended to extend our understanding of the functionality of the human wrist. Methods from the analysis and synthesis of curve gears help to analyse the transfer of force and movement between adjacent bone surfaces. The input variable is measured movements of human carpal bones.



Measured movements flexion/extension and radial ulnar abduction[3].

With modern multi-body simulation programs, the movement can also be calculated:


Forward dynamic simulation of bone movement.

In the long term, a simulation tool is to be developed that supports the surgeon or orthopaedist in planning the optimal surgical procedure for a patient with an individual injury, supported by simulation, so that the greatest possible freedom of movement is retained.



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2] Allmendinger, F., Eschweiler, J. Radermacher, K., Corves, B.:"On motion and force transmission in the human wrist: Approximating carpal bone surfaces with envelopes", New Trends in Mechanism and Machine Science: Theory and Applications in Engineering, Springer, 2013, ISBN: 978-94-007-4901-6,978-94-007-4902-3, p.: 421-429

[3] Moore, D. C., Crisco J. J., Trafton T. G., Leventhal E. L.:"A digital database of wrist bone anatomy and carpal kinematics", Journal of Biomechanics 40 (2007), S. 2537–2542



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