Testing Ground

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The Institute has a big testing ground where you can find various testing and checking facilities. The test rigs are used on behalf of industrial partners to run vibration studies, examinations of continuous working performance of mechanisms etc..

You can find conventional machine tools in our mechanical production area for almost all metal-cutting manufacturing methods such as for the production and assembly of test facilities, functional models, gear prototypes and transmission models. Our employees are used for the production and assembly of test facilites as well as for the execution of tests.


Construction Office

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Our Construction Department transforms solutions that have been found in collaboration with industrial partners into new functional models by using common CAD programs (e.g. Pro/ENGINEER, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, AutoCAD). These functional models are built and developed both at the IGM and by our industrial partners.

Furthermore we develop and construct mechanism models which are used as teaching material. These models help students to visualize movements and help industrial contructors to solve technical problems of mechanisms.


Library of the Institute

There is an extensive collection of german and international literature on mechanism theoryy, dynamics of machines and vibration technology as well as on subject related topics. The collection includes about 7500 specialized books and conference proceedings, 600 journals and numerous subject-specific publications.


Currently the following journals are being subscribed:
ATZ, Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift
Bild der Wissenschaft
F + M Mechatronik
Mechanism and Machine Theory
Multi-Body Dynamics
Transactions of the ASME (Journal of Vibration and Acoustics)
Transactions of the ASME (Journal of Mechanical Design)


For over 25 years the VDI-journal regulary prints annual surveys about unevenly transmitted mechanisms which have been published by our department. Research can be done via internet using the server of the University Libary.


Classrooms and Seminar Rooms

The Institute has set up three classrooms and seminar rooms. They are designed to hold 12 to 24 people and are used, for example, for mechanical technical laboratories for students in the 4th semester of Mechanical Engineering.

Presentations, trainings and colloquia as well as seminars of kinematics, dynamics and mechatronics of movements take place in these classrooms and seminar rooms as well. These rooms are equipped with the latest technology. There are also three-phase connections for demonstration purposes, e.g. to connect a balancing machine.

The rooms are also equipped with ethernet ports which are used to conduct presentations with a projector and laptop and internet if needed. Conventional presentation devices like a projector and overhead-projector are available as well.


Mechanism Model Collection

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The Institute has a collection of approximately 250 mechanisms and mechanism models. These serve to illustrate movements to students as well as to engineers to solve technical problems of mechanisms. The staff of the Construction Office is in charge of the collection.

Some mechanisms have been covered in the Mechanism lexicon. A virtual access to the the collection of mechanism models was created as part of the DMG-Lib project. You can seize the opportunity and have alook at our models in detail. There are detailed information as well as interactive contents (e.g. virtual 3D-models) available.


Computer Network and Software

The computer Network of the IGMR contains a lot computers and laptops for students. Alongside well-established collaboration software the IGM Network also provides server infrastructure with a variety of services. Furthermore the terminal servers in the Network-Load-Balancing-Cluster serve for simulations and long-term calculations. The IGMR loans various laptop models to students. These Laptop-Pools are available to students to work on scientific papers or to student assistants during the workday.


Institute of Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics

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