The RePlaLink-HFS (Reconfigurable Planar Linkage - Haptic Feedback System) is an in-house development at the Institute for Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics (IGMR). As a haptic feedback system, it is used to convey kinesthetic information to the user and thus make virtual systems tactile. Among other things, the system measures the user's forces and takes them into account in a real-time simulation of the virtual system, thus enabling haptic interaction with the user. The RePlaLink-HFS is used for the simulation and haptic representation of manually operated mechanisms. This makes it possible to improve the development process of such systems and reduce the use of physical prototypes. The semi-parallel RePlaLink structure is a six-unit gearbox, consisting of a five-part transmission and an additional serial link for orientation of the handle, which makes it possible to output flat mechanisms particularly well.



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