Cinderella is a geometry program for the computer that is designed to be mathematically robust yet easy to use.

Cinderella offers the opportunity to get a first impression of the possibilities of graphical processes in the field of Mechanism Theory. This software allows an easy and simple creation of geometric models on the computer. It is an interactive, mouse-handled geometry program in which elements of a model can be dragged and moved with the mouse itself. The whole construction follows the mouse-movement in a consistent manner, so that the dynamic behaviour of the geometric model can be explored in a very graphic way. Loci can be displayed with the help of Cinderella as well, which is of great importance for the field of Mechanism Theory, e.g. to display coupler curves of transmissions. Another core feature of Cinderella is, that geometric models can be saved as either animated version, which show the movement of the model, or as an interactive model, which allows changing different parameters. These models are saved as .html files and can be displayed without Cinderella itself.

Multiple exercises were created within the 3. Edition of the Book "Einführung in die Getriebelehre" which can be solved with the help of the geometry program Cinderella. An example on how to solve these exercises is shown in Chapter 3 with the help of two exercises. Corresponding data sets for some of the exercises that are offered within the book are offered on the following web sites. These data sets were created with Cinderella 1.4 but can also be opened with Cinderella 2.0.

These web sites include the exercise itself, the Cinderella-files and the solution to the exercise.
Selected Funktions are realized by Drag-and-Drop in the Workspace. Available functions for the HTML-versions are listed here

An installed version of Cinderella is required to use the full variety of functions that is available for the Cinderella-files.

Information towards the software can be found here: zu finden.

Exercises and Solutions (with Cinderella) from the book can be found here.


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