Robotics and Mechatronics


In the Robotics and Mechatronics group team, we research, develop and optimize robotic systems and automation processes. The focus is on parallel, serial and hybrid industrial robots and autonomous mobile platforms (AGVs). Basic research topics, for example on redundant systems, reconfigurable robots or the use of flexure hinges in robotics, are researched within the scope of doctoral projects and publicly funded projects. We work on application-oriented research questions in direct cooperation with robot manufacturers, system suppliers and end users. Current issues in the area of Industry 4.0 and networked automation are at the forefront of research activities within the RWTH Cluster of Excellence "Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries".

In teaching, the IGMR together with the International Academy of the RWTH Aachen offers the international master program "Robotic Systems Engineering". The direct contact to the students in the course "Robotic Systems" and "Advanced Robotic Kinematics and Dynamics" forms the basis for numerous theses that are supervised in research and industry.


Modeling and Control

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In modeling and control of existing robotic systems, the understanding of the system behavior and the directly related improvement of the technical performance are the focus. Through the kinematic and dynamic analysis, we are for example able to optimize the workspace and the motion- and in particular vibration-behavior. In addition, the calibration and calculation of stiffness and tolerances provide significantly increased accuracy for robotic systems. Knowledge of system behavior is also used, for example, in dynamic model based control or in the design and optimization of control parameters.


Development and Validation

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Individual and application-specific handling systems require a basic methodology for the development, design and validation of hardware and functionality. Using the established methods of structural selection and dimensional synthesis in conjunction with kinematic and dynamic analysis, we develop and dimension handling-systems with a specific property profile, for example, a required pick and place time in the specified workspace. In addition to the preliminary design, development and design, the focus is also on the implementation of test benches, the experimental procedures and the metrological validation of the system properties.


Projects in the field of Robotics and Mechatronics

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Next Generation MRK

.Logo des Next Generation Projektes mit dem Schriftzug Next Generation - Mit flexiblen Roboterlösungen inklusive Arbeit entwickeln.

Mensch im Rollstuhl sitzt an einem Inklusionsarbeitsplatz (Tisch) und wird bei der Arbeit von einem Roboter unterstützt.

Concept of the inclusive human-robot workplace


The project “Next Generation – mit flexiblen Roboterlösungen inclusive Arbeit entwickeln“ tries to answer this question. The goal is to support, enhance and develop the individual working capabilities of people with disabilities through innovative technology.


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Internet of Production - IoP


Agile assembly system through cooperation of robotic and sensoric network

Agile, freely networked assembly systems, which are characterized by the sensoric-supported cooperation of several mobile and stationary robots, is an essential part of the Internet of Production (IoP). Concretely, these assembly systems can be enabled to be a part of the IoP by mapping them in the structure of a meta-model. This enables the generation of a so-called "digital shadow" in the IoP.


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rob sharework

Safe and Effective Human-Robot Cooperation Towards a Better Competiveness on Current Automation Lack Manufacturing Processes

Sharework‘s main objective is to endow an industrial work environment of the necessary “intel-ligence” and methods for the effective adoption of Human Robot Collaboration (HRC) with no fences. Sharework will provide a system capable of understanding the environment and hu-man actions through knowledge and sensors, future state predictions and with the ability to make a robot act accordingly while human safety is guaranteed and the human-related barri-ers are overcome.


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Automated Removal

The Bots2Rec project is developing and implementing a semi-autonomous robotic system for the removal of asbestos contamination from buildings in need of rehabilitation, e. g. apartments from the 1970s and 1980s. Despite the proliferation of automation solutions in industry, robots are not yet used in the construction industry. The project partners develop and adapt current high-tech solutions to implement a robot system for the described application. In this way, construction workers can be protected from toxic hazardous materials and a cost-efficient remediation of the large contaminated sites throughout Europe is made possible.

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Research work and workshops on the delta robot


Within the framework of a long-term cooperation with the Institute for Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics, research and development work on the topic of further development of the delta robot of the industrial partner was carried out with associated training and workshops. This work concerned both the side of the control system and the mechanics of the delta robot in terms of performance and cost. Through training and workshops, methods, software tools as well as algorithms and calculation bases have been established with the industrial partner on a sustainable basis.

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