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Safe and Effective Human-Robot Cooperation Towards a Better Competiveness on Current Automation Lack Manufacturing Processes

Sharework‘s main objective is to endow an industrial work environment of the necessary “intel-ligence” and methods for the effective adoption of Human Robot Collaboration (HRC) with no fences. Sharework will provide a system capable of understanding the environment and hu-man actions through knowledge and sensors, future state predictions and with the ability to make a robot act accordingly while human safety is guaranteed and the human-related barri-ers are overcome.

Sharework will develop the needed technology for facing the new production paradigm compil-ing the necessary developments in a set of modular hardware, software and procedures to face different HRC applications in a systematic and effective way. Sharework technology will be demonstrated in four different industrial cases: railway, automotive, mechanical machining and equipment goods sectors. The usability of the developed HRC solutions in different industrial sectors and company sizes will increase productivity, flexibility, and reduce human stress, to support the workers and to strengthen European industry.



Further information:

Key Factor Computer Vision: The Role of Smart Cognition Systems in Industry 4.0

The Sharework project will create new technology for human-robot collaboration in the industry

Un nuevo sistema inteligente mejorará la seguridad y priorizará la ergonomía de los trabajos con robots

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